This week’s HEA Practice Advantage podcast features none other than our own CEO, Jeremy Bluvol! In the episode, Jeremy speaks with Dr. Justin Manning about vision plans, practice metrics, how eye care professionals can grow successful businesses and the role Anagram plays in that.  

How Anagram got started

To start the podcast, they touched on Jeremy’s background, how his interest in healthcare developed and bridged the gap between that interest and Anagram. Ultimately, Anagram exists to help provide eye care patients more access to care, help them make better care decisions and simplify payments. It’s a complicated problem, but that’s part of the reason it’s the one we want to solve. 

The problem is made more complicated by a constantly changing marketplace. And that’s where the pair dove deeper into the eye care business as Jeremy highlighted why ECPs should be constantly evaluating their performance in this changing marketplace. The most obvious and recent example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic. What are you doing to adapt to the way things have changed while remaining profitable?

Growing your eye care practice

According to Jeremy, the way to track against the goals you’ve set is to rely on some key metrics. By building your goals around these metrics and working toward them, you can better understand how your practice is affected by changes such as a global pandemic or a vision plan lowering reimbursements and adding additional lab restrictions. 

In regard to vision plans specifically, Jeremy noted it’s important to break down the metrics you’re tracking by vision plan. This will help you compare plans and determine if any are underperforming. All this requires is some rough, back-of-the-napkin math in order to keep up with the shifts in the industry. 

Check out the podcast below to learn more about which metrics you should be tracking, how to compare vision plans and why going out-of-network can help you grow your practice: